June update

As we move closer to the Winter Solstice, nature is slowing down in preparation for the dark of the year. Plant growth has slowed and the lure of spending time outdoors has diminished. In the wheel of the year, we're now in the balsamic phase, the 'death' of the year and the period of stillness and silence that creates space for the spark of the new cycle to be born in the Spring. While of course, we can't completely press the pause button on our busy lives, I encourage you to allow time for quietness and meditation at this magical time of year, especially on the 21st June at the Solstice, a time when the veils between the worlds lift and we can have insights and understandings not available to us in our day to day life. 

June begins with a focus on our beliefs and ideals with a view to stripping away the excesses, in preparation for the slowing down and stillness of the solstice and Cancer New Moon.

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5 June   Mars enters Cancer
6 June   Venus enters Taurus
7 June   Mercury enters Gemini
9 June   Full Moon near 19 Gemini-Sagittarius at 11.09 pm
10 June  Jupiter stations direct 13 Libra 2.30 am
16 June  Neptune stations retrograde 14 Pisces
21 June  Winter Solstice, Sun enters Cancer 2.24 pm
               Mercury enters Cancer
24 June  New Moon near 3 Cancer 12.30 pm  

Full moon

June's Full Moon at 11.09 pm on the 9th at nearly 19 Sagittarius is asking us to bring a practical realistic perspective to our beliefs and ideals. With the Sun in Gemini flavouring our conscious thought with rationalism and logic, and Saturn conjunct the Sagittarian Moon, our passionate inspiration, and any irresponsible, self-righteous or over-zealous opinions may come under the microscope for us to review and bring down to earth. With Neptune in Pisces slowing down to station retrograde (on the 16th) square this Moon, the danger will be that confusion, delusion or even deception may cloud our vision, or we may find it all too easy to throw in the towel and have a few drinks! On the other hand, our sense of what is right and fair may well be the primary factor in our response since Jupiter in Libra, ruler of this Moon is trine the Gemini Sun and stationing direct just over 3 hours after the full moon. (When a planet comes to a stop in preparation to move retrograde or direct, we call it a station and it becomes particularly powerful during this period of stillness.) So where in your birth chart does 19 Gemini and Sagittarius lie? These are the areas of life which will be impacted by this Sagittarius Full Moon.

Winter solstice

I love the Winter solstice! The Sun's ingress into Cancer on 21st June means the shortest day and the longest night - the end of the waning of light and the beginning of the Sun's return to the Southern hemisphere. I love the withdrawal of energy from the outer world as we close our doors to the cold, light our fires, snuggle into cosy blankets and make warm winter soups and stews. This is the time when the stillness within becomes palpable and we can go deep within to connect with our highest Self. At this time, the veils between the worlds part and if we're still enough, we can channel higher understandings and insights. I like to light a candle at dusk and delay turning on the lights as long as possible ... I want to invite the darkness in. And I love to rise early to catch that magical time before dawn for the most profound meditations. This is the time for re-inspiration and hope. This Solstice, the Sun in Cancer is conjunct Mercury in Gemini, sextile Uranus in Aries and square to Chiron in Pisces, offering us the potential for deep healing and opening to unique new ways of thinking and being.

New Moon

June's New Moon on the 24th at 12.30 pm is at nearly 3 Cancer. As with all new moons, it's about new beginnings ... and this moon hints at sensitivity in thought and communication, and of finding the emotional freedom to express oneself. Following close to the solstice, the themes are similar, but with Mercury now also in Cancer conjunct both Sun and Moon, the focus is on conscious acknowledgement of feelings, of acceptance of our primal woundedness and allowing our unique individual expression to embrace both the dark and the light within us. The New Moon extends the solstice stillness with the lunar moment of pause as one moon cycle of feeling ends and another begins. Square to Chiron in Pisces and sextile Uranus in Aries, we're being offered the opportunity to heal by finding our personal story, by stepping out of the melting pot of conformity and collective feeling to find who we really are. The house position of this new moon will indicate where in your life this opportunity will manifest.

January Update

Happy New Year!

This year promises change on every level! The chart for Melbourne's 2017 new year has Virgo rising and Gemini on the MC suggesting that here in our beautiful city the year will be characterized by practical communication and attention to the small print and finer details of life. With transformation clearly on the world's table, there may be a lot of chaos and confusion around us, but making a conscious choice to stay grounded and open-minded, with love and respect for others will hold the key to our own personal growth and happiness. The key features of this chart include Mars conjunct Neptune suggesting a lack of clarity in intent, or actions/reactions directed by spirit, faith - or even confusion, anger, illness and the need for escape. The T-square between Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra will be prominent for the first six months of the year indicating that the metamorphosis of our evolving society may well shift to a new gear and we may see more radical changes in our regimes and world structures, especially speeding up once Mars moves into Aries in late January. On the other hand, Jupiter's retrograde period in Libra during that time may well open our hearts to a new generosity, optimism and faith in the unfolding grace of the the Universe. Where in your birth chart will these changes ring through? 

1 Jan   Mars conjunct Neptune 9 Pisces
3 Jan   Venus enters Pisces
5 Jan   Mercury retrogrades into Sag
7 Jan   Sun conjunct Pluto 17 Cap
8 Jan   Mercury stations direct 28 Sag
            Venus conjunct South Node Pisces
12 Jan  Full Moon 22 Cancer 10.33 pm
13 Jan  Mercury enters Capricorn
             Venus conjunct Neptune 10 Pisces
28 Jan  New Moon 8 Aquarius 11.06 am
             Mars enters Aries
30 Jan  Mercury conjunct Pluto 18 Cap

Mercury Retrograde

With Mercury, the planet that rules communication, currently moving retrograde (apparently backwards), life may have had some little hiccups lately. How has it impacted you? We've had a car come to the end of its life last week, not to mention errors in flight bookings. On the other hand, with Mercury's energies all directed inwardly, this is the best time, to do your housework! Clean up your paperwork, de-clutter cupboards, desks and garages, pay bills, plan and prioritize for the year ahead! We have 4 more days to get the practical structures of our lives in order before Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 5th and our focus will shift to house-cleaning our beliefs, ideals and the philosophies that rule our actions. Don't be tempted to implement major outer world changes however, until after the 8th January when Mercury finally moves direct again at close to 29 Sagittarius, and communication in the outer world starts to flow smoothly again. 

Full Moon

January's full moon in Cancer at 10.33 pm on the 12th, as always is about shining the light of consciousness on feeling. And with the Moon in its own sign Cancer, there is a quality of profound sensitivity to these feelings, a longing for nurturing, for home, for family, for hiding away. Cancer is also the sign of the Mother, so with the Sun in Capricorn, it's as if consciousness is Dad saying "grow up, be strong, be disciplined, have some backbone". This might be somewhat of a challenge since Moon and Sun both form a cardinal cross with Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries. The cardinal cross energies mean we want to act, but we're being pulled in different directions with Jupiter in Libra inspiring a craving for peace, harmony and relationship, while Uranus in Aries can make us feel feisty, rebellious and cranky. So which pull is stronger? With both rulers of Libra and Aries in Pisces, the sign of surrender or connection to spirit, unless Uranus is aspecting one of your personal planets, the rebelliousness may be a little softened and just feel like a niggling restlessness. On the other hand, with Pluto conjunct the Sun in Capricorn and Saturn quincunx the Full Moon, some kind of intense reality check may push us out of our Cancerian longing to cocoon and lead us to face the music, in spite of ourselves. With Chiron also trine the Moon, this lunation has the potential to heal some kind of old wounding if we consciously embrace and work with the insights we have at this time.

New Moon

The new moon at 8 Aquarius is on the 28th at 11.06 am, the same day as the Chinese new year begins - the Year of the Rooster. Chinese new year is a time to honor and remember the ancestors, and Rooster is all about valuing qualities such as loyalty, commitment, hard work and family values. New Moons always indicate an opportunity to start afresh, the beginning of a new cycle and a little later on this very day, we also have Mars doing just that, moving into its own sign, the first sign of the zodiac, Aries. In Aquarius, the energy of this new moon may bring consciousness to our yearning for freedom, to be an individual, to express our own inner quirkiness and to break out of the constraints society imposes on us... or it may bring up a longing for community, for friendship groups. Aquarius believes in equality for all, and loves inspiring others to work together in service to humanity, to create change, and to lead others in the pursuit of their cause. At the time of the new moon, we have a stellium of planets in Pisces - Neptune, Venus, Mars, Chiron and the South Node, so it's possible the emotion this new moon inspires may be spiritual or religious in origin ... or it may simply bring up feelings of wounding or detachment, or a need for indulgence or escape. Later that day, as Mars moves into Aries, the mood of the moment will shift, bringing a zing to that Uranus Jupiter opposition, and perhaps setting the scene for a fiery February!

December Update

Christmas is coming! Here in Australia, the December Solstice marks the longest day, and the coming of the hot and dry that is the hallmark of Summer and our Southern Hemisphere festive season. This month is characterized by a social energy with Jupiter in Libra sextiling Saturn in Sagittarius from now and continuing well into 2017, a combination that suggests a practical quest for harmony, a balancing of work and revelry, wisdom and indulgence, truth and fairness and the highlighting of opportunities for higher learning, travel, and the coming together of people in peace and friendship. Mercury will move retrograde on the 19th in Capricorn challenging us to be more practical and disciplined in our thoughts and communication, while Uranus stations later this month, triggering a prominent urge for originality, freedom and independence.

  3 Dec   Mercury enters Capricorn
  8 Dec   Venus enters Aquarius
14 Dec   Full Moon at 22 Gemini
19 Dec   Mercury moves retrograde
19 Dec   Mars enters Pisces
21 Dec   Summer Solstice: Sun enters Capricorn
25 Dec   Saturn trine Uranus, Christmas Day
27 Dec   Jupiter opposite Uranus
29 Dec   Uranus moves direct
29 Dec   New Moon at 8 Capricorn 

Full Moon

December's Full Moon at 22 Gemini at 11.05 am Melbourne time shines its light on how we communicate our feelings, how we think and connect, and our need for variety, stimulation and freedom. With trines to Jupiter in Libra and Mars in Aquarius, there's a natural flow to our thoughts and communication in relationship, and even an intuitive perception of energetic frequencies. The challenge however provided by the Sun Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius is to attend to detail, to ground our thinking in practical reality, and to take care not to overwhelm ourselves or others with passion or dogmatism. Mercury, ruler of this Gemini Moon, is in Capricorn and is slowing down ready to retrograde on the 19th, so there could be a tendency to chaos or confusion, and the square to Chiron suggests old wounds could be triggered, so think carefully before you speak, to prevent misunderstandings and unhappiness.   

Mercury retrograde

Mercury, the planet that rules the mind, perception and communication, moves retrograde at 15 Capricorn on 19th December at 9.55 pm and when it shifts direction, its energy moves from the outer world into the inner world.  And the result may mean that the lead-up to Christmas is chaotic!  And I don't just mean breakdowns of planes, trains, buses, cars, phones, the internet and visible forms of communication. Misunderstandings and errors may creep into our shopping lists, our plans for the holidays, our finances and our business arrangements, so I strongly suggest planning to ensure parcels and cards are posted, shopping is done and holidays are booked and paid for well before the 19th. The chaos of 17th - 21st December cannot be over-estimated, with Mercury stationing conjunct Pluto, planetary ruler of earthquakes, and with Uranus, ruler of lightning bolts opposite the Jupiter sextile Saturn social harmony aspect pattern I mentioned above. This retrograde period will especially impact anyone with personal planets or angles at 15 (counting down to 0 by late Dec - early Jan) of the cardinal signs - Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra, not to mention 28-29 Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces around 4th - 8th January. In Capricorn, the focus is on practical communication, so make sure you dot your i's and cross your t's as much as possible over the next three weeks. It's a perfect time however, to reflect on the areas Capricorn rules - your business, career, your budget, your duties, responsibilities and any structures in your life, and do any housekeeping associated with them.  Insights may arise around the time Mercury conjuncts the Sun on the 29th, but don't be tempted to act on them until the 8th January when Mercury finally moves direct again at close to 29 Sagittarius. 

Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice this year is at 9.44 pm Melbourne time on 21st December, as the Sun enters Capricorn. This is one of the ancient milestones in the Wheel of the Year - the longest day and shortest night. It's the time when the Sun arrives at its furthest point south - the Tropic of Capricorn - and pauses briefly before retracing its path north. That moment of pause is like a moment frozen in time, when the Earth shifts on its axis, a magical moment of stillness where for a second, if we can catch it, we can tune in to the essential nature of ourselves and our world. This is a powerful time for ceremony, for prayer or meditation, for opening to the will of the divine or to spirit. Take time on this day to tune in to the stillness and feel your unique oneness with the Universe.

New Moon

The New Moon at nearly 8 Capricorn at 5.53 pm on 29th December resonates with the importance of bringing discipline and structure to our inner and outer worlds. New Moon, new beginnings, and so close to the New Year, this is a good time to begin meditating on what our ambitions are for 2017. Where are we going - in terms of career, finances, education, community? How can we actually serve society? With Mercury retrograde and Mars sextile this lunation, this is a powerful opportunity to review our thoughts and actions and do a reality check. Are we being responsible? Are we being practical? On the day of this New Moon, Uranus is stationing, so there may be a strong pull within us towards freedom, breaking out of perceived constraints and the revelation of our individuality, or release of energetic vibrations from a higher source. How can we marry these considerations to achieve our goals in the world? A New Year's resolution coming from this space of practical and responsible innovation can go a long way towards establishing our authenticity and authority in our chosen fields of service. 

November Update

November sees the joyful abundance of Spring bursting into our lives. Early this month there are no long-lasting planetary formations arising, so perhaps we can take a breath, field the little challenges that come our way and I strongly recommend smelling the roses - this is their month! The world's eyes will be on the US elections on the 8th-9th, and late November's transits promise emotional upheaval for many, and the need to change the structures of our thinking to pave the way for growth

 1 November       Southern hemisphere 'May Day' peak of Spring
 9 November      Mars enters Aquarius
12 November      Venus enters Capricorn
13 November      Mercury enters Sagittarius
15 November      Full Moon Supermoon at 22 Taurus
20 November     Neptune stations direct
22 November     Sun enters Sagittarius
25 November     Jupiter 15.46 Libra square Pluto 15.46 Capricorn
29 November     New Moon at 7 Sagittarius

Spring Abundance

The roses are blooming, the blossom is out, traffic is stopping to allow baby ducklings to cross the road and the bees are insanely busy! Here in the Southern hemisphere it's full-blown Spring and Nature is unashamedly showing off its fertility and abundance. The ancients celebrated Spring with maypole rituals, weddings and dancing into the night. Here in Melbourne, we enjoy fashion, flowers and excitement at our own famous horse racing carnival, the Melbourne Cup. With the Sun in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces, dancing, reveling and sweet surrender might be overpowering today! Take time celebrate life and love today, and reflect on how you can nurture what is blossoming in your life so that, as the wheel of life turns, it will bear fruit and bring you joyful rewards. 

Full Moon

November's Taurus Full Moon at 12.52 am on the 15th is a Supermoon. And what's more, a Supermoon hasn't been this close to the Earth since 1948, and it won't be this close again until 2034. Short of intensely heavy cloud cover, it will be impossible to miss seeing this giant! So close to Earth and with the Sun at 22 Scorpio, it promises to be emotionally super-charged. As at any full moon, the light of consciousness will shine on our feelings, bringing deep-seated emotional issues to the surface to be examined. With the Taurus Scorpio polarity under the spotlight, the focus may be around values and possessions ... what's your's, mine and ours ... and primal emotions around trust, loyalty and power may emerge. Chiron is sextile and Pluto trine this Moon, so the potential for healing and transformation is huge, if we can consciously work with whatever arises ...

Jupiter square Pluto

On 25 November, Jupiter at 15 Libra will square Pluto at 15 Capricorn - the first of 3 waning squares of the Jupiter-Pluto cycle which began in December 2007, a time which saw the beginning of the Global Financial Crisis. (The next two are in March and August 2017.) In this square, Jupiter, the planet of growth, beliefs and excess meets Pluto, planet of power, destruction and transformation, and the two are at cross purposes. Jupiter in Libra, is ruled by Venus, currently conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and thus also squaring Jupiter ... a combination which will put pressure on the balance of power in partnerships and ask us to transform and grow, or face the music. We may be tempted into exaggerated power displays or manipulation in the name of what we believe. Beware also the temptation to over-spend or take financial risks (especially in partnership or the arts) at this time. For those of us on a spiritual path, this is a wonderful opportunity to view our temptation to power, and the primal Plutonic fears underlying it. With discernment and maturity, there's potential for us to simply release the structures and patterns of thinking that no longer serve, and allow the generosity of Jupiter to bring its natural growth, optimism and blessings into our lives.

New Moon

November's New Moon at 7 - 8 Sagittarius is square to Neptune conjunct the South Node in Pisces, suggesting that we're chasing a rainbow, trying to recall a dream that we've known in a past life, but that it needs to be brought to ground in this life. The new moon is a time of new beginnings, when we feel naturally drawn to look within, and allow a seed of longing to unfold its potential in our lives. With this moon squaring the nodes, the escape position is to let the old fantasy take control, but the position of growth is to work practically to bring it to birth in the way of the Virgo North Node - with functional, down-to-earth attention to detail. Somewhat challenging for passionate Sagittarian and dreamy Piscean visions, but the potential is there!

October Update

How are you feeling after all the dramas of September? ... the eclipses, Mercury retrograde, Saturn square Neptune, not to mention the Spring Equinox? I have to confess to wanting to escape these past couple of weeks - wanting peace and perhaps a little numbing of the intensity.  And this is the feeling of the Sun and Jupiter in Libra with their focus on a yearning for harmony, affection, beauty and pleasant pastimes. While Libra's ruler Venus was in Libra herself, it was straight out 'let's just eat, drink and be sociable', but now Venus has moved into Scorpio, there's a bit of a sting behind the pleasant playtime. Venus isn't happy in Scorpio - it's too primal, passionate and emotionally intense. Perhaps you're feeling compelled to compensate for dramas connected with a woman in your life, or for a partner, or your financial situation? This month we're called to make decisions and bring balance back into our lives and relationships. Pluto has just moved direct in Capricorn, and Mars joined it there on September 27. It's time to sit up, take responsibility for our lives and work out just where we're going!

1 October        New Moon at 8 Libra at 10.11 am
7 October       Mercury enters Libra
16 October      Full Moon at 23 Aries 3.23 pm
18 October      Venus enters Sagittarius
                        Mars conjunct Pluto at 15 Capricorn
23 October     Sun enters Scorpio
25 October     Mercury enters Scorpio


This month's New Moon at 10.11 am on October 1, like all new moons suggests a time for new beginnings. And with conscious energy - Sun - and subconscious intuitive feeling - Moon - both connecting in Libra, it's easy to float along with that desire for peace and harmony. And conjunct Jupiter, the planet that magnifies anything it touches, that need for beauty and pleasure may be strong. Its ruler Venus is in Scorpio and trine Neptune in Pisces, so a longing for escape or better still to feel that deep, soul connection with a partner may be coming up especially in the area of our birthchart where 7-9 of the air signs lies, or where 8-10 of the water signs lie. But ... there in the background Mars in Capricorn is square Jupiter, and Pluto in Capricorn square the Moon. Wake up! Put into place those plans you thought through during the Mercury retrograde period and bring conscious effort to bear; work through any differences in your relationships with fair-mindedness, diplomacy and tact. Capricorn is all about practical hard work geared towards success. Don't miss the opportunity offered by this New Moon to set the tone for the next month!


The Full Moon at 3.23 pm on October 16 promises to be volatile with the Sun wanting peace and beauty in Libra shining its light of consciousness onto the fiery Aries Moon with its impulsiveness, anger and longing for independence. If you have planets or points at 22-24 of the cardinal signs - Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn, this will impact you! With Uranus conjunct the Moon, a fierce restlessness and longing for freedom, change or self-direction may arise and play havoc in relationships. And with Pluto still square the Moon, deep emotional power struggles may come to the surface. With consciousness, we can make this powerful Full Moon a time to bring balance, fairness, grace and harmony back into our lives ... and don't forget, Libra doesn't just rule partnerships, but open enemies as well. Mercury is conjunct the Sun in Libra offering a clear opportunity to use courteous, tactful words to build a bridge and turn a sour relationship sweet again.

Two days after the Full Moon, Mars will conjunct Pluto at 15 Capricorn. This is a power combination and together these two planets can achieve great goals if we put in the work. Where do 14-16 of the Earth signs - Capricorn Virgo or Taurus - lie in your birth chart?