October Update

How are you feeling after all the dramas of September? ... the eclipses, Mercury retrograde, Saturn square Neptune, not to mention the Spring Equinox? I have to confess to wanting to escape these past couple of weeks - wanting peace and perhaps a little numbing of the intensity.  And this is the feeling of the Sun and Jupiter in Libra with their focus on a yearning for harmony, affection, beauty and pleasant pastimes. While Libra's ruler Venus was in Libra herself, it was straight out 'let's just eat, drink and be sociable', but now Venus has moved into Scorpio, there's a bit of a sting behind the pleasant playtime. Venus isn't happy in Scorpio - it's too primal, passionate and emotionally intense. Perhaps you're feeling compelled to compensate for dramas connected with a woman in your life, or for a partner, or your financial situation? This month we're called to make decisions and bring balance back into our lives and relationships. Pluto has just moved direct in Capricorn, and Mars joined it there on September 27. It's time to sit up, take responsibility for our lives and work out just where we're going!

1 October        New Moon at 8 Libra at 10.11 am
7 October       Mercury enters Libra
16 October      Full Moon at 23 Aries 3.23 pm
18 October      Venus enters Sagittarius
                        Mars conjunct Pluto at 15 Capricorn
23 October     Sun enters Scorpio
25 October     Mercury enters Scorpio


This month's New Moon at 10.11 am on October 1, like all new moons suggests a time for new beginnings. And with conscious energy - Sun - and subconscious intuitive feeling - Moon - both connecting in Libra, it's easy to float along with that desire for peace and harmony. And conjunct Jupiter, the planet that magnifies anything it touches, that need for beauty and pleasure may be strong. Its ruler Venus is in Scorpio and trine Neptune in Pisces, so a longing for escape or better still to feel that deep, soul connection with a partner may be coming up especially in the area of our birthchart where 7-9 of the air signs lies, or where 8-10 of the water signs lie. But ... there in the background Mars in Capricorn is square Jupiter, and Pluto in Capricorn square the Moon. Wake up! Put into place those plans you thought through during the Mercury retrograde period and bring conscious effort to bear; work through any differences in your relationships with fair-mindedness, diplomacy and tact. Capricorn is all about practical hard work geared towards success. Don't miss the opportunity offered by this New Moon to set the tone for the next month!


The Full Moon at 3.23 pm on October 16 promises to be volatile with the Sun wanting peace and beauty in Libra shining its light of consciousness onto the fiery Aries Moon with its impulsiveness, anger and longing for independence. If you have planets or points at 22-24 of the cardinal signs - Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn, this will impact you! With Uranus conjunct the Moon, a fierce restlessness and longing for freedom, change or self-direction may arise and play havoc in relationships. And with Pluto still square the Moon, deep emotional power struggles may come to the surface. With consciousness, we can make this powerful Full Moon a time to bring balance, fairness, grace and harmony back into our lives ... and don't forget, Libra doesn't just rule partnerships, but open enemies as well. Mercury is conjunct the Sun in Libra offering a clear opportunity to use courteous, tactful words to build a bridge and turn a sour relationship sweet again.

Two days after the Full Moon, Mars will conjunct Pluto at 15 Capricorn. This is a power combination and together these two planets can achieve great goals if we put in the work. Where do 14-16 of the Earth signs - Capricorn Virgo or Taurus - lie in your birth chart?