Sumitra: I had my session last night. Isn’t she brilliant? Also a lovely genuine person.
Sheena: So genuine ... And I love that she offers the course all wrapped in her spiritual wisdom. It raises the energy of astrology to a whole new level.
— Facebook conversation between Sumitra and Sheena

I offer personal birth chart readings and group workshops using astrology as a key to understanding our lives. "Your Soul's Journey" is a short workshop offering you insights into the archetypal path of growth and evolution of your karmic life journey. "Finding yourself in your birth chart" teaches you how to understand your own birth chart, the karmic blueprint of the soul, and in the process you'll learn the principles and ancient archetypes of astrology. "Your Karmic Journey" helps you understand how your life is unfolding according to a divine plan and helps you discover the joy and soul growth that results when we work with these energies in our daily life. You can also book a personal birth chart reading and order individualized reports. All sessions are available either online in my virtual meeting room or in person at Mt Eliza, VIC Australia.

Your soul's journey- the lunar nodes

Based on the lunar nodes, this two part workshop explores essential energies and possible scenarios that your past life or ancestral inheritance has imprinted on your psyche, playing out in childhood and your early life. We also explore the archetypal direction you're moving towards now. Traditionally the nodes of the moon map the points where the path of the individual soul connects with our collective journey through time, representing our karmic or genetic identity and the evolutionary journey we've embarked on for this lifetime.  Next workshops October 2018.        Find out more and book now

Finding yourself in your birth chart

What are you here to explore in this lifetime?  What are your gifts, strengths, challenges? What secrets are hidden in your subconscious? The moment of birth provides a blueprint for your soul's journey in this lifetime and we use your personal chart to open windows into memories or experiences you’ve never understood, so a sense of who we really are can start to form ...  In this series of six workshops we use our personal birth charts to learn astrology via visualisation, discussion, archetypal information and personal memory.                          Next classes begin Mon 3 and Tues 4 Feb 2020 at Mt Eliza, Weds 5 Feb online Find out more and book now

Report:  The Sky Within

An easy-to-read window into yourself – personality, challenges, gifts and potential. Written in a conversational style, this report describes your archetypal nature and aspects of your unique role on the planet. For some people, these insights can bring expression and clarity to areas of their nature they may have only sensed, but couldn’t identify. For many, they offer life-changing understandings, spiritual reassurance and guidance towards finding direction, self-acceptance, inner peace and happiness. This report by well-known astrologer Steven Forrest makes a wonderful gift for someone you care about.              $20 AUD emailed                  Buy The Sky Within now

Report:  Friends and lovers

A guided tour of your relationship with insights to help you understand how each of you approach relationship. What gifts does each person bring to the table? Needs? Fears? Where are the challenges? the connections? Each person’s chart is analysed separately to see the unique dynamic of the relationship. How does each perceive the other? What role does each person naturally tend to take? How do your charts intertwine to produce the energy and feeling that is your experience of the relationship? This report is suited to both romantic and other styles of relationship offering insights to help you explore its potential and grow together. A wonderful engagement or wedding present … or a great base to build a business partnership!              $25 AUD emailed                      Buy Friends and Lovers now

Report:  modern insights

A comprehensive insight into yourself! If you're wanting to look deeper, find the challenges you're working with and you inner gifts and strengths, this report by well-known astrologer Stephanie Johnson offers all this and more! Have you ever wondered why certain areas of your life always seem a struggle? And others flow and blossom? This report explains your astrological make-up, teaches you how to understand yourself ... and opens a window into how to maximize your gifts to achieve your potential!      $25 AUD emailed                    Buy Modern Insights now

Personal birth chart reading

This is a 1 - 2 hour insight into you! Find out the different archetypal energies that make up your individual psyche ... how other people see you, how you can manage your energy levels; how you communicate; your desire nature and will! What is the nature of your gifts, your strengths and your inner shadow? We look at what your emotional nature is and how to nurture and heal yourself.  We look also at the karmic choices you made when you took that first breath of incarnation. You can ask questions about your life challenges and learn how to work with your own personal blueprint.                 Find out more, book now or purchase a gift voucher

chiron:  working with our wound

What does it mean to have a wound that never heals and how do we manage it? Chiron, the wounded healer archetype represents the primal trauma of separation or alienation deep within our psyche. While the wound stays open, over time it becomes our greatest teacher and the means by which we help others. In this 2 hour workshop we explore the implications of the myth, the location by sign and house of our Chiron and a shamanic approach to working with our pain. We also look at Chiron transits and the Chiron Return which occurs in the early fifties. Next workshops Apr 20, 2018 Mt Eliza, Apr 27 Online      Find out more and book now

your karmic journey

What am I here to learn? How can I understand and work with challenges and difficult times as they arise? What triggered the major events of my life? What direction is my life headed? How is my potential unfolding? How do the phases of the Moon affect me?  Sun, Moon and planets don’t stand still, so how do they impact me and my birth chart? This series introduces astrology in action – how we grow and evolve. These five workshops look at lunar astrology - phases, VOC moon, eclipses; transits; life cycles and retrograde cycles, eclipses, progressions and the nodes of the Moon. Starts Mon 7 Oct 7-9 pm, Tues 8 Oct 10am- 12 noon, Mt Eliza Find out more and book now

report:  Sky log

This report uses four different scans of your transits and secondary progressions to explore potential for personal growth in relation to events unfolding in the outer world. Focusing especially on major life-changing transits, the areas of life affected and your natural personal development over time, this report offers a chronological description of how the movement of the planets may impact your life. The gift of insight into the future potentially allows us to hold a higher perspective and to use events to further our growth and spiritual evolution. Designed to uplift and inspire, this report by well known astrologer Steven Forrest can be a wonderful support to help us work through the challenges life sends us.    3 month  $20,   6 month  $30  or 1 year $40  AUD emailed                                                           Buy Sky Log now

Report:  Child*star

This report by Montessori teacher and astrologer Kathie Garcia offers insights into your child’s essential nature and personality, helping you recognize innate gifts and strengths; while pointing out challenges that may need to be faced as the child grows and develops. It provides suggestions on how to recognize and redirect potentially negative tendencies so we can help the child reach his or her full potential, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It explores the special relationship the child has with each parent, helping us bond in a way that suits their personality and needs. A wonderful gift for a new baby and new parents!  $25 AUD emailed.                                                            Buy Child*Star now