Your Soul's Journey - Understanding the Lunar Nodes


Your Soul's Journey - Understanding the Lunar Nodes


Based on the lunar nodes, this workshop explores essential energies and possible scenarios that your past life or ancestral inheritance has imprinted on your psyche, playing out in childhood and your early life. We also explore the archetypal direction you're moving towards now. Traditionally the nodes of the moon map the points where the path of the individual soul intersects with our collective journey through time, representing our karmic or genetic identity and the evolutionary journey we've embarked on for this lifetime.  

Workshop 1:  Understanding the North Node and what we're here to learn in this lifetime

Workshop 2:  Exploring possible past life scenarios based on the South Node in the birth chart

Special focus on the areas of our life the nodes play out in, such as communication, money, relationships, career, spirituality and daily life.  We look at how to work with them at both personality and soul levels to grow and evolve. We’ll also investigate possible karmic connections with people and events in our present lives. All participants will receive their own personalized birth chart. 

Next workshops October 2018

$60 per person


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