Your Karmic Journey - Five workshops


Your Karmic Journey - Five workshops

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What am I here to learn? What triggered the major events of my life? What direction is my life headed? How is my potential unfolding? The stars and planets don’t stand still, so how do they impact me and my birth chart? This series introduces us to astrology in action – how we grow and evolve.

Mt Eliza:  Monday 7 - 9 pm, starting Monday 18 March 2019

Tuesday 10 am - 12 noon Starting Tuesday 19 March 2019

Online: Thursday 7 - 9 pm starting Thursday 21 March 2019

In person classes to be held at Mt Eliza VIC, address supplied on registration.

     $150 for 5 workshops    $125 concession


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Week 1:  The Lunar cycle – Moods and Moon transits. Full Moon, New Moons, Void-of-course Moons and the Black Moon Lilith. The Moon in the Birth Chart represents our roots, our karmic baggage, our family, our home, our mother … it brings up all our emotional 'stuff'. So how can we understand and work with the primal energies of the Moon? Special focus on the phases of the Moon and how each monthly moon cycle affects our lives.

Week 2:  Understanding transits:  The ongoing influence of the transiting planets triggers events or emotions that challenge us to grow and evolve in our inner and outer worlds. In particular, the outer planets move so slowly, their transits can involve drawn-out crises, asking us to bring a high degree of consciousness to the table to deal with them. Their potential for karmic growth and evolution cannot be underestimated.

Week 3:  Life Cycles – these show the patterns and markers of our personal growth and evolution as we move through the natural human life cycles. Included are our Birthday, the 29 year Saturn Return, and the so-called ‘mid-life crisis’ transits that hit at around 40 – the Uranus opposition, Pluto square and Neptune square. How do these enhance our personal development? How are these unfolding in our life?

Week 4:  Retrograde Cycles and Progressions – Retrograde planets shift the planetary focus to a different plane offering opportunities for review, reflection and inner world insights while creating patterns within the birth chart template. Progressions unfold the innate potential of our personal planets over our lifetime - special focus on the progressed Moon.

Week 5:  The Lunar Nodes and Eclipses – the Karmic Journey of the Soul for this lifetime and how eclipses get their transformational power. By sign and house, the nodes’ polar opposites tell us where we’ve come from and where we’re going in this life … and the lessons we’ve chosen to learn.

Fill in the registration form online ensuring your birth details are as accurate as possible, including your time of birth.

In person participants will receive all information when they attend the session. Online participants will receive their information by email 24 hours prior to their session, including a link to join the meeting room.

Please bring a notebook and pen to the session if you wish to take notes.

If you are unable to attend your session on the day, you will be emailed a link so you can catch up via the recorded session you missed