November Update

November sees the joyful abundance of Spring bursting into our lives. Early this month there are no long-lasting planetary formations arising, so perhaps we can take a breath, field the little challenges that come our way and I strongly recommend smelling the roses - this is their month! The world's eyes will be on the US elections on the 8th-9th, and late November's transits promise emotional upheaval for many, and the need to change the structures of our thinking to pave the way for growth

 1 November       Southern hemisphere 'May Day' peak of Spring
 9 November      Mars enters Aquarius
12 November      Venus enters Capricorn
13 November      Mercury enters Sagittarius
15 November      Full Moon Supermoon at 22 Taurus
20 November     Neptune stations direct
22 November     Sun enters Sagittarius
25 November     Jupiter 15.46 Libra square Pluto 15.46 Capricorn
29 November     New Moon at 7 Sagittarius

Spring Abundance

The roses are blooming, the blossom is out, traffic is stopping to allow baby ducklings to cross the road and the bees are insanely busy! Here in the Southern hemisphere it's full-blown Spring and Nature is unashamedly showing off its fertility and abundance. The ancients celebrated Spring with maypole rituals, weddings and dancing into the night. Here in Melbourne, we enjoy fashion, flowers and excitement at our own famous horse racing carnival, the Melbourne Cup. With the Sun in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces, dancing, reveling and sweet surrender might be overpowering today! Take time celebrate life and love today, and reflect on how you can nurture what is blossoming in your life so that, as the wheel of life turns, it will bear fruit and bring you joyful rewards. 

Full Moon

November's Taurus Full Moon at 12.52 am on the 15th is a Supermoon. And what's more, a Supermoon hasn't been this close to the Earth since 1948, and it won't be this close again until 2034. Short of intensely heavy cloud cover, it will be impossible to miss seeing this giant! So close to Earth and with the Sun at 22 Scorpio, it promises to be emotionally super-charged. As at any full moon, the light of consciousness will shine on our feelings, bringing deep-seated emotional issues to the surface to be examined. With the Taurus Scorpio polarity under the spotlight, the focus may be around values and possessions ... what's your's, mine and ours ... and primal emotions around trust, loyalty and power may emerge. Chiron is sextile and Pluto trine this Moon, so the potential for healing and transformation is huge, if we can consciously work with whatever arises ...

Jupiter square Pluto

On 25 November, Jupiter at 15 Libra will square Pluto at 15 Capricorn - the first of 3 waning squares of the Jupiter-Pluto cycle which began in December 2007, a time which saw the beginning of the Global Financial Crisis. (The next two are in March and August 2017.) In this square, Jupiter, the planet of growth, beliefs and excess meets Pluto, planet of power, destruction and transformation, and the two are at cross purposes. Jupiter in Libra, is ruled by Venus, currently conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and thus also squaring Jupiter ... a combination which will put pressure on the balance of power in partnerships and ask us to transform and grow, or face the music. We may be tempted into exaggerated power displays or manipulation in the name of what we believe. Beware also the temptation to over-spend or take financial risks (especially in partnership or the arts) at this time. For those of us on a spiritual path, this is a wonderful opportunity to view our temptation to power, and the primal Plutonic fears underlying it. With discernment and maturity, there's potential for us to simply release the structures and patterns of thinking that no longer serve, and allow the generosity of Jupiter to bring its natural growth, optimism and blessings into our lives.

New Moon

November's New Moon at 7 - 8 Sagittarius is square to Neptune conjunct the South Node in Pisces, suggesting that we're chasing a rainbow, trying to recall a dream that we've known in a past life, but that it needs to be brought to ground in this life. The new moon is a time of new beginnings, when we feel naturally drawn to look within, and allow a seed of longing to unfold its potential in our lives. With this moon squaring the nodes, the escape position is to let the old fantasy take control, but the position of growth is to work practically to bring it to birth in the way of the Virgo North Node - with functional, down-to-earth attention to detail. Somewhat challenging for passionate Sagittarian and dreamy Piscean visions, but the potential is there!