January Update

Happy New Year!

This year promises change on every level! The chart for Melbourne's 2017 new year has Virgo rising and Gemini on the MC suggesting that here in our beautiful city the year will be characterized by practical communication and attention to the small print and finer details of life. With transformation clearly on the world's table, there may be a lot of chaos and confusion around us, but making a conscious choice to stay grounded and open-minded, with love and respect for others will hold the key to our own personal growth and happiness. The key features of this chart include Mars conjunct Neptune suggesting a lack of clarity in intent, or actions/reactions directed by spirit, faith - or even confusion, anger, illness and the need for escape. The T-square between Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra will be prominent for the first six months of the year indicating that the metamorphosis of our evolving society may well shift to a new gear and we may see more radical changes in our regimes and world structures, especially speeding up once Mars moves into Aries in late January. On the other hand, Jupiter's retrograde period in Libra during that time may well open our hearts to a new generosity, optimism and faith in the unfolding grace of the the Universe. Where in your birth chart will these changes ring through? 

1 Jan   Mars conjunct Neptune 9 Pisces
3 Jan   Venus enters Pisces
5 Jan   Mercury retrogrades into Sag
7 Jan   Sun conjunct Pluto 17 Cap
8 Jan   Mercury stations direct 28 Sag
            Venus conjunct South Node Pisces
12 Jan  Full Moon 22 Cancer 10.33 pm
13 Jan  Mercury enters Capricorn
             Venus conjunct Neptune 10 Pisces
28 Jan  New Moon 8 Aquarius 11.06 am
             Mars enters Aries
30 Jan  Mercury conjunct Pluto 18 Cap

Mercury Retrograde

With Mercury, the planet that rules communication, currently moving retrograde (apparently backwards), life may have had some little hiccups lately. How has it impacted you? We've had a car come to the end of its life last week, not to mention errors in flight bookings. On the other hand, with Mercury's energies all directed inwardly, this is the best time, to do your housework! Clean up your paperwork, de-clutter cupboards, desks and garages, pay bills, plan and prioritize for the year ahead! We have 4 more days to get the practical structures of our lives in order before Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 5th and our focus will shift to house-cleaning our beliefs, ideals and the philosophies that rule our actions. Don't be tempted to implement major outer world changes however, until after the 8th January when Mercury finally moves direct again at close to 29 Sagittarius, and communication in the outer world starts to flow smoothly again. 

Full Moon

January's full moon in Cancer at 10.33 pm on the 12th, as always is about shining the light of consciousness on feeling. And with the Moon in its own sign Cancer, there is a quality of profound sensitivity to these feelings, a longing for nurturing, for home, for family, for hiding away. Cancer is also the sign of the Mother, so with the Sun in Capricorn, it's as if consciousness is Dad saying "grow up, be strong, be disciplined, have some backbone". This might be somewhat of a challenge since Moon and Sun both form a cardinal cross with Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries. The cardinal cross energies mean we want to act, but we're being pulled in different directions with Jupiter in Libra inspiring a craving for peace, harmony and relationship, while Uranus in Aries can make us feel feisty, rebellious and cranky. So which pull is stronger? With both rulers of Libra and Aries in Pisces, the sign of surrender or connection to spirit, unless Uranus is aspecting one of your personal planets, the rebelliousness may be a little softened and just feel like a niggling restlessness. On the other hand, with Pluto conjunct the Sun in Capricorn and Saturn quincunx the Full Moon, some kind of intense reality check may push us out of our Cancerian longing to cocoon and lead us to face the music, in spite of ourselves. With Chiron also trine the Moon, this lunation has the potential to heal some kind of old wounding if we consciously embrace and work with the insights we have at this time.

New Moon

The new moon at 8 Aquarius is on the 28th at 11.06 am, the same day as the Chinese new year begins - the Year of the Rooster. Chinese new year is a time to honor and remember the ancestors, and Rooster is all about valuing qualities such as loyalty, commitment, hard work and family values. New Moons always indicate an opportunity to start afresh, the beginning of a new cycle and a little later on this very day, we also have Mars doing just that, moving into its own sign, the first sign of the zodiac, Aries. In Aquarius, the energy of this new moon may bring consciousness to our yearning for freedom, to be an individual, to express our own inner quirkiness and to break out of the constraints society imposes on us... or it may bring up a longing for community, for friendship groups. Aquarius believes in equality for all, and loves inspiring others to work together in service to humanity, to create change, and to lead others in the pursuit of their cause. At the time of the new moon, we have a stellium of planets in Pisces - Neptune, Venus, Mars, Chiron and the South Node, so it's possible the emotion this new moon inspires may be spiritual or religious in origin ... or it may simply bring up feelings of wounding or detachment, or a need for indulgence or escape. Later that day, as Mars moves into Aries, the mood of the moment will shift, bringing a zing to that Uranus Jupiter opposition, and perhaps setting the scene for a fiery February!