Homoeopathy offers safe effective treatment for acute and chronic illness. It works energetically to gently rekindle the body’s innate ability to heal itself. I treat people of all ages including babies, pregnant women and the elderly.
— Julie Ambika Deitz

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“The cure of many diseases is unknown to physicians … because they are ignorant of the whole. For the part can never be well unless the whole is well” – Plato 4th century BC

Homoeopathy is system of healing which prompts and supports the body’s own innate ability to heal itself.  Key principles in understanding how Homoeopathy works to heal weaknesses in the energy field are: the vital force and the importance of symptoms, the law of similars, the memory of water, the minimum dose and potentization. Using homoeopathic remedies on a regular basis to heal vulnerabilities in the energetic field as they arise will build positive good health, give you energy and a sense of well-being.

the vital force

Homoeopaths believe the human body is designed to heal itself. What doctors call the immune system, we call the vital force, but it is so much more then that – Chinese medicine calls it ‘chi’ … Ayurveda calls it ‘prana’. More than an unconscious survival instinct, it has an innate intelligence which knows the optimal means of healing the person. It is an energetic or auric field that regulates our health, fights off threats and restores equilibrium and well-being. Illness hits our vital force first and when it can’t completely deflect it energetically, it responds on a physical, mental, emotional or behavioural level with symptoms. Homoeopathy works by prompting and supporting the vital force in its expression of healing on the energetic plane.

the law of similars and the minimum dose

Hippocrates in around 400BC identified two laws of healing – the law of opposites and the law of similars. Conventional medicine is generally based on the law of opposites – someone is cold, you apply heat etc. Homoeopathy relies on the law of similars – anything capable of producing symptoms of disease in a healthy person can cure those symptoms in a sick person. Hahnemann, founder of Homoeopathy experimented with Cinchona, a medicinal plant from which quinine – a medicine used in the conventional treatment of malaria – is derived. He found that when Cinchona is taken by someone healthy, that person will develop symptoms similar to malaria.  He believed it was this symptom similarity which led to its success in treating malaria. The Homoeopathic Materia Medica is a collection of medicines whose symptom pictures have been discovered, based on this principle. We all know drinking too much coffee makes the mind race and keeps us awake. Homoeopathically potentized coffee ‘Coffea’ is one of our best medicines for insomnia where the mind is overstimulated. Since symptoms represent all we can observe of the healing intended by the vital force, homoeopaths match the symptom picture of the medicine to the symptom picture of the patient as closely as possible. The goal is to prompt and support the vital force in its struggle to throw off disease. As it is the vital force itself that does the healing, we need a minimum dose to prompt it to do its work. As soon as we start to feel better, we discontinue the medicine. Conventional medicine also uses the law of similars (such as in vaccination, radiation treatment etc) but often with side effects because its drugs work on the physical plane rather than on the energetic plane.

memory of water and potentization

Homoeopathy has developed a system of potentization to extract and enhance the energetic properties of substances. This enables them to work on the energetic field rather than the material plane, and removes any possible physical side effects.

The first step is to dissolve the substance in water. Water is a natural carrier for energy vibrations (indeed life on this planet began in the water). Masaru Emoto in his book Messages from Water has photographed molecules of water exposed to different energetic vibrations to show its capacity to hold the energetic imprint of substances or qualities. The imprinted water then becomes the base tincture for the potentization.

The second and third steps are to succuss and dilute the medicine. The tincture is banged violently 100 times against an inert object to release the potential energy in the water, then diluted 1:100 with more water. Just as electricity is created through the rapid motion of water, succussion uses forceful motion to release and build the energetic potency of the imprinted water. Dilution ensures that any toxicity of the original physical substance is removed. The process of succussion and dilution is repeated many times until eventually no physical molecule of the original substance remains, yet the energetic power of the medicine is magnified exponentially. Minimum dose physically: maximum dose energetically! Hahnemann says in the Organon (Aphorism 269) “this remarkable process develops latent dynamic powers which influence the life principle and change the well-being of human life”.

Finally, the water itself carries and preserves these dynamic qualities over long periods of time. Many homoeopaths prescribe their medicines to be taken in water. Since our bodies are primarily composed of water, the energy is thus rapidly and effectively transmitted.

holistic treatment:  homoeopathy treats the person not the disease

When the vital force is weakened, its vulnerability is shown not just by physical signs and symptoms, but also by emotional, mental and behavioural tendencies. The correct medicine will be prescribed taking all of these factors into account. Homoeopaths want to know how you feel! Since the medicine works on the energy field, the first sign it is working is usually an increase in energy – you feel better ‘in yourself’. Long term, homoeopathic healthcare builds positive good health, strengthens the immune system, lifts energy levels and creates a sense of well-being. Homoeopaths believe health is so much more than just the absence of disease! 

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