Transformation by Eclipse

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Transformation by Eclipse


When day becomes night and the light of life is dimmed, a veil lifts offering us the possibility of opening to an altered reality with its accompanying potential for transformation and a shift in our evolutionary path. Their special relationship with the nodes of the moon means eclipse events can tap into our subconscious programming. Traditionally seen as bad omens,  astrologers today see eclipses as karmic crossroads where choices arise. In this two hour workshop, we look at the astronomy of eclipses, their interruption of the nodal axis vortex, our prenatal eclipses and the upcoming eclipse season to anticipate how it will impact our personal birth charts and potentially transform our lives.  All participants will receive their own personalized birth chart, and the chart of their prenatal eclipses as the basis for our exploration. 

Next Mt Eliza workshop 2018 (Address supplied on registration)

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$30 per person

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Participants will receive all information when they attend the session.

Please bring a notebook and pen to the session if you wish to take notes.