Finding yourself in your birth chart - Six workshops


Finding yourself in your birth chart - Six workshops

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The birth chart is a map of the heavens at the moment you drew your first breath. With that breath, you drew in those energies and they became your energetic blueprint. Visualise the choice you made to incarnate in that moment. What was your intention? What karmic or magnetic energy are you here to explore and release?  Your birth chart actually says it all…. If only you can read it.  This series of Astrology Workshops will offer you:

  • The skills to read your birth chart – to understand astrology terminology and to be able to follow your transits moving forward.

  • Insights into the way you operate – both in your inner world and in the outer world, in relation to self, others and life events.

  • Techniques to tap into your intuitive nature – your right brain – to release the deeper understandings hidden in your psychic memory.

$180 for 6 workshops   $150 concession

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In this series of six 2 hour workshops, you will be given your birth chart and information explaining the essential background and principles of astrology. We’ll also explore the different layers of that information through the use of imagination, visualisation, journaling, discussion, meditation and personal memory. And as you move through it, you’ll have insights, open windows into memories or experiences you’ve never understood, and the bigger picture will start to form … not right before your eyes, but in the hidden recesses of your right-brain – your intuition and deeper understanding. You’ll start to understand who you are and how to better navigate your world.

Week 1:  Archetypes of the Signs
Week 2:  Setting the scene - the Birth Chart and the Cross of Matter - how we see the world
Week 3:  Sun and Moon – Source of your energy and the secret of your happiness
Week 4:  Personal planets – Mercury, Venus and Mars ... thought, desire and action
Week 5:  Life in our world - Jupiter and Saturn ... life in the physical and social world Week 6:  Navigating karma - Uranus, Neptune, Pluto ... spiritual work

This course is a pre-requisite for Workshop series 2, "The Karmic Journey".

In person classes held in Mt Eliza VIC, address supplied on registration.
Mt Eliza: Monday 7 - 9 pm Six consecutive Mondays starting 19 August 2019

Mt Eliza: Tuesday 10 - 12 am Six consecutive Tuesdays starting 20 August 2019

Email me for more details at

Please fill in the registration form online ensuring your birth details are as accurate as possible, including your time of birth.

In person participants will receive all information when they attend the session. Online participants will receive their information by email 24 hours prior to their session including a link to join the meeting room.

Please bring a notebook and pen to the session if you wish to take notes.

If you are unable to attend your session on the day, you have the option of attending the online class or receiving a link to the video recording of the online class